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Can I Offer Shipping?

Yes! EstateSold gives you the ability to offer both pickup and shipping. Most Sellers looking to have a traditional feel of an onsite sale will only offer pickup. Their sale will run for seven days - Friday to Friday, for example, and they will have pickup on Saturday and Sunday. So instead of a sale just running for two days, it now runs for 7, with onsite traffic limited to only winning bidders during the weekend.

Can Estate Sales Charge Tax?

Yes! Most estate sale companies are required by their local laws to collect sales tax, but not all. EstateSold does not charge sales tax because we are simply the platform used to conduct the estate sale and not the local company offering and/or selling the goods at auction. We leave that up to the individual sellers to maintain their own tax law compliance.

Who Can Do Estate Sales?

Anyone can "do" estate sales. If you are the owner looking to liquidate your home or that of a loved one, you can hold your own or any person looking to start a (fantastic) business can - within the confines of their local laws - start an estate sale business. Currently, the industry is very unregulated, so barriers to entry are very low - hence, all of the competition and why EstateSold was created.

Can You Haggle at Estate Sales?

During a traditional onsite Estate Sale, haggling is not only possible but expected. Some companies only allow negotiation on subsequent days of the sale (never on the first day), and some will negotiate on anything right out of the gate. It depends on the seller, the client, and the overall objectives of the sale. On EstateSold, this doesn't apply as we are an auction platform where we start at $1 and work our way up from there.

This also answers the questions of: can you negotiate at estate sales and can you bargain at estate sales

Can Anyone Go to Estate Sales?

Not always. Onsite estate sales may be limited by the seller and/or the client on who can come into the sale. EstateSold allows all items to be viewed by all people and makes the sale as fair as possible - letting current market value drive the price for an item.

Can You Barter at Estate Sales?

I'm sure in some areas you can, but it's not commonplace for the industry as a whole.

How Can I Find Estate Sales?

To find Estate Sales in your area, Google, "estate sales near me," and all sorts of answers will pop up. The quantity and quality of individual sales depend heavily on the area, the competition, and the season. If you're looking for auctions near you on EstateSold, you have to type in your state or zip code, and if there is an active sale, it will pop up. To see if there are any upcoming sales in your area, you can do an "Advanced Search" and choose "Upcoming Sales" from the drop-down box.

Why Online Estate Sales?

Estate Sales are moving online because it's an industry that is in desperate need of updating.

Don't get us wrong, traditional onsite sales work - but not as well as they used to. We used to put an ad in the PennySaver and throw a couple of yard sales out front, and we'd sell out an entire house in a weekend. Those days are long gone, though.

In order to leave a house broom swept or reach a sizeable audience to get the best prices - sellers have to move outside their 18-mile radius comfort zone while realizing that online shopping (or bidding) has now outpaced brick and mortar or onsite sales.

We at EstateSold realize that to succeed a sale doesn't have to be 100% online, in fact, hybrid sales that offer both onsite, online and end-of-sale bulk purchase has the highest return for both seller and client. That's where we come in.

Why Have an Estate Sale?

There are plenty of reasons to have a professionally run estate sale conducted on your behalf. The most common are the 4 D's (Death, Divorce, Debt, or Downsizing), but it applies to any life transition where all of the "stuff" in your home or that of a loved one is no longer needed. Professionally run sales, when used in conjunction with EstateSold's platform, offer the best way to maximize the profit in the shortest amount of time.

What's an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is a sale of contents from within a home, not to be confused with a yard or garage sale, but often synonymous with the term "tag sale." EstateSold blends the traditional estate sale (in the home) with an online auction to make sure everything is sold, and the house is left broom swept.

What Do Estate Sale Companies Charge?

There are so many variables involved with this! Estate Sale companies charge based on their territory, the sale, the season, the amount of work required, the amount of cleanup necessary (i.e., hoarder house) ...etc., but the very general and generic answer is about 30% - 50% of gross proceeds.

What is My Item Worth?

This question may be the most fundamental in explaining how EstateSold came into being.

Throughout the United States, different items can sell for significantly different prices. Mid-Century Modern, for example, in the midwest can sell for thousands while the same piece in Brooklyn, NY, can trade in the hundreds. As most estate sales only attract buyers within an 18-mile radius, both the seller and their client can be losing thousands of dollars unless they venture out of their territory.

The cliche, "something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it," is absolutely right, so the trick is to get as many "someones" looking at (and bidding on) your item as possible.

EstateSold encourages liquidators to utilize their local market while expanding into other areas to grow their brand, their business, and their bottom line.

What Sells at Estate Sales?

The beauty of estate sales is that anything can sell. In my onsite business, I've had someone try to buy my half-drank cup of coffee that I put down while helping someone carry a piece of art to their car. If it's available, someone will buy it, and sometimes even when it's not.

Using EstateSold in conjunction with an onsite sale allows a seller to max out their local buyers while expanding into other nearby markets without the high cost of advertising and time.

As competition increases, it becomes more and more difficult to leave a house, "broom swept," like the old days. With a dash of onsite and a pinch of online magic, we're able to sell out entire households and deliver on the promise, so many clients desperately need — an empty house.

For buyers, EstateSold offers the opportunity to buy from companies that you've never heard, are too far away, or you had 1247 other things to do on a Saturday morning other than waiting on line.

What Does Estate Sale Mean?

Estate Sale: To sell the contents of a home.

Pretty simple and totally vague, right?

When homeowners have their own sales, "estate sale" is usually used for yard or garage sales as a way to sound "fancy," however an estate sale is a sale of contents from within the home.

I've always told clients that if you take a mug outside and put it on a table, you'll get .50 cents, leave it in the cupboard and you'll get $5 bucks, but put it online and you'll get $15.

What is Your Best Find at an Estate Sale?

This is one of the questions that I get asked a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

Personally I've found hidden cash - under dirt in planters, taped behind pictures, under floor boards, in freezers, in attics; under insulation, diamonds, jewels, priceless artwork.

I'm actually doing a video on this so will drop the link in this question as it's much easier for me to talk about it there.

What are Announcements?

From time to time EstateSold and their staff will provide training videos, commentary on current sales, Estate Sale Tips & Tricks ...etc. for both buyers and sellers because they're fun to make and hopefully will be of help to our EstateSold community.

Is Shipping Available?

Shipping is only available if the individual seller offers it. For most sales, there is a mixture of pickup and shipping with selected items marked as "only shipping" or "only pickup." Please see the individual listing for the item you're interested in to see if it's available or contact the company directly to learn more.

What is Buyer's Premium?

The Buyer's Premium is a convenience fee added to each winning bid. Think of this way; you could wake up early, buy breakfast, drive to a sale, wait in line (maybe for hours) just to be let into the sale to find that the item you wanted is no longer there (poof!) or already grabbed by someone one spot ahead of you. Or, you could kick your feet up - preferably in comfy socks, with a nice hot cup of coffee and bid on the items you love without all of the headaches you don't. That's what EstateSold is all about!

Where Are Estate Sales Today?

Unlike traditional estate sales that you have to search for, all of the estate sales on the EstateSold pop up at once, letting you sort through the sales you like, finding the items you love.

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