The new way to love estate sales

Let me tell you a story.

A group of investors were sitting in a hotel lobby eating a complimentary breakfast of fruit and bagels. Next to them sat a husband and wife talking about how excited they were about the estate sale they were heading to - so excited that they flew from Virginia to New York, just to attend.

One of the investors turned around and excused himself and, after apologizing for eavesdropping, asked if it was normal for them to travel around the country going to estate sales. "Not really" the wife replied "but there is a piece of pottery that I just have to have. It's the exact one my mother had above the fireplace, and I've been looking for it for over 35 years - I'd pay anything to get it, but I wish estate sales delivered."

The investor thanked them and turned back to his table where the other 3 investors smiled and nodded their heads. This is just the idea they were looking for.

What followed next was 6 months of research and endless conversations with estate sale professionals around the country. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Many owners wanted to offer estate sale auctions but the initial cost was prohibitive, the available software wasn’t right for them or the fees on other sites were simply too expensive.

We knew there was a great opportunity to not only build a solid platform but to help the growth of an entire industry. One shouldered by men and women and the blood, sweat and tears that they put into their sales week-in and week-out. Understanding that is what makes us believe we're the right partners for the hundreds, if not thousands of companies that want to offer this service.

We've toiled to get this as close to perfect as possible but know that there will be changes, updates and revisions along the way, but as of right now we're happy to provide a site that will allow any company to sell and any buyer to bid.

After a year of development we are proud to introduce you to

Sell, buy, bid or browse. It's the new way to love estate sales!

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The New Way to Love Estate Sales

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The New Way To Love Estate Sales

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